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About Us

4NBio serves as a platform for providing customized solutions in the area of patent management. The team performs both national and international (US & WIPO) patent filing along with drafting, prior art search, IP due diligence and prosecution. Our team has expertise to mine patent data and make sure that customers efficiently get the critical information they need. We extract relevant business intelligence from patent data and perform patent gene/protein sequence analysis if needed. We also create customized alert in and around the area of interest. Our company offers detailed analysis regarding technology of interest and serves as an early-warning system for disruptive changes in the competitive landscape and freedom to operate (FTO). Additionally, we provide recommendations concerning potential opportunities and threats. 4NBio also conducts awareness programs & patent education workshops.

More than 3 lakh patent applications are published each year from WIPO. For example, there are ~20000 patent applications and ~15000 journal articles published so far for CRISPR from WIPO and PubMed respectively. From this vast body of information, it is important to understand and monitor existing knowledge pertaining to technology of interest and validate the concept accordingly. Due to the advancement of computational biology, such data has become easily accessible. Our team, with decades of experience in research & development, computational biology and intellectual property management both in academia and MNC, will provide solutions facilitating the development of business strategy.

National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) is mandated to regulate access to biological resources for research, bio-survey and bio-utilization, commercial utilization, obtaining patent, transfer of results of research and transfer of accessed biological resources. Section 10(4)(ii)(D) was introduced in 2005 to complement the Biological Diversity Act 2002, which aims to protect sovereign rights over genetic resources and requires prior approval from the independent NBA before applying for a patent for inventions that use biological material from India. Our team of experts procure approval from NBA for our customers for any such purposes.

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