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Sequence Analysis

In the last couple of decades, rapid developments in genomics, proteomics and other molecular biology technologies along with information technologies have generated a tremendous amount of biological data. The primary goal of all these efforts is to increase the understanding of biological processes.


Due to advancement of computational biology it has become possible to extract, organize, analyse and interpret data from these vast amount of biological sequences in databases. The interpretation of such data requires expertise in different computational biology tools including ‘sequence analysis’.


Sequence analysis includes comparison of sequences to find similarity, homologous sequence, identification of intrinsic features such as reading frame, intron, regulatory elements, post translational modification sites, identification of sequence differences and variations such as point mutations, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), genetic marker etc.

Our team, with decades of experience in computational biology and intellectual property management, both in academia and MNC, have been performing sequence analysis which facilitates the development of research strategy.

Sequence alignment

Sequence alignment.png


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