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Technology Survey

  • A comprehensive study of the patents in a technology field to help you understand the current and future trends in technology and explore lucrative business opportunities. Technology landscapes are an important asset in the technology development that summarize the IP activities of competitors, market overview and gaps (whitespace analysis) in the technology domain.


  • The global technology landscape is shifting dramatically and rapidly, both in terms of the types of technological advances being made and the geographical spread and distribution of these advances. Some of the most prominent technological features of today’s landscape are derived from recent development & advances in Artificial intelligence, computation biology, genomic sequencing, and bioinformatic respectively.


  • Technology Landscape is an in-depth analysis to ascertain the existing technology and the market trend. It involves a competitive analysis of the past, present and future trend in technology that helps one to plan and develop right research strategy. This also helps to identify white space in the technology area. Insights about technology players, identifying expertise for any particular technology space, 3rd party’s potential product pipeline is the key for strategic decision making


  • The analysis report helps you to understand the market involving a particular technology, the latest development involving such technology and the strengths of its competitors. 


  • As a whole it provides enough knowledge about technological trends & emerging research fields. It avoids reinventing the wheels and helps to find existing solutions to a technical problem


  • Analysis helps to understand competitors, patent portfolios, potential threats & infringements


  • It facilitates to take action against your competitors new patents, adapt R&D, marketing, investing and/or business strategies, assess strategy regarding new activities


  • Company Portfolio: We evaluate & generate portfolio report for any particular company of interest/competitor company to understand their business potential


  • With decades of experience we ensure best possible and quality outputs to our client

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