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Other Services

  • Along with patent filing & related activities we also support other activities such as seed export/import and facilitate National Biodiversity Authority approval


  • Export/Import Permission: The export/import of seeds and planting material is governed by the Export and Import (EXIM) Policy 2002-07 and amendment made therein. An EXIM Committee was constituted in the Seeds Division to deal with application for exports/imports of seeds and planting materials in accordance with the New Policy on Seed Development and EXIM Regulations. The Committee meets every month, subject to tendency of proposals for import/export of seeds and planting material, and analyzes applications and furnishes recommendations for issuing of otherwise of the license for import/export of seeds and planting material. Exporters/importers are required to submit 20 copies of applications for export/import in the prescribed formats.


  • We are experienced to carry out this process and will procure approval from government of India for export/import of seeds, research material, to assist your business


  •  National Biodiversity Authority (NBA): The Act covers conservation, use of biological resources and associated knowledge occurring in India for commercial or research purposes or for the purposes of bio-survey and bio-utilisation. It provides a framework for access to biological resources and sharing the benefits arising out of such access and use. The Act also includes in its ambit the transfer of research results and application for intellectual property rights (IPRs) relating to Indian biological resources. NBA is mandated to regulate access to biological resources and or associated knowledge for research, bio-survey and bio-utilization, commercial utilization, obtaining Intellectual Property Rights, transfer of results of research and transfer of accessed biological resources. IN PTO has introduced section 10(4)(ii)(D) in 2005 to complement the Biological Diversity Act 2002, which aims to protect sovereign rights over genetic resources and requires prior approval from the independent National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) before applying for a patent for inventions that use biological material from India. It mandates the disclosure of the source and geographical origin of biological material whenever these are mentioned in a patent specification, but not sufficiently described in it or made available to the public. A declaration in the patent application form stating that “the invention as disclosed in the specification uses biological material from India and the necessary permission from the competent authority shall be submitted before the grant of patent” is a supplementary requirement


  • We procure approval from NBA for our customers that relates to biological resource. ​